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    DeathBeforeDisco - Pizza

    Something I noticed with these custom songs, The gaps between the difficulty is MASSIVE! easy and normal on this one are lame. But the expert is fun. Also, this was from the band I was in a while back.
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    The reason i want a camper shell for my truck

    this is fairly pricy but im thinking this on a solar panel
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    The reason i want a camper shell for my truck

    THIS is a clean build!
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    The reason i want a camper shell for my truck

    I use to think these things were extremely ugly, but after watching this first guy for quite a while now and seeing what he gets to go do with his truck i am really considering getting a camper shell topper for my own truck, Ill post all the cool ones that i see here to help me better decide the...
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    Editing a tiktok video in SVP

    I just came across this video and it's wildly informative on how to set your svp up to edit and render a video for tiktok. if you don't want to watch the width will be 1,080 and the height will be 1,920 and remember when you go to render it you need to make a custom profile with these...
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    Places to upload and share files.

    If you are trying to share a resource here and it winds up being too large or just won't upload here are some places that you could put your file and share the link with us. Just make sure to look and see if it is a place that has no expire on the file because some of these places will only...
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    Anyone watched ufc 261?

    Like just look at it. The other girl had a legit footprint on her head right after ill see if I can find a pic somewhere.
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    Anyone watched ufc 261?

    That knockout kick was the absolute highlight of the show..
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    Anyone watched ufc 261?

    Those last two knockouts were insane!
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    [XenGenTr] Forum statistics system | Forum istatistik sistemi 3.1.1

    You're gonna want to use this to translate it to English.
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    The shitbox project

    This is tech related so I shall share my adventure with this here. I am planning on building a pc to which the housing will be a cat litter bucket like the one pictured below. Tomorrow I will sort and take pics of everything I need and share it here.