Get a significant saving on the Fnatic Steak65 keyboard this Black Friday


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Keyboards are one of, if not the most, integral part of a PC set up. Second only to the monitor. Therefore, finding a good one is imperative – especially for anyone spending long stints gaming while using said keyboard. Within the stellar range of gaming keyboards on offer, there are a few different types: ones with lights, mechanical, compact, wireless – I could go on. The beauty of Fnatic’s offering is that it covers most bases, so you really can’t go wrong with it.

The Streak65 keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboards available, thanks to its compact size and usability. That’s what the 65 in the name means – it’s 65% of the standard keyboard size. But it remains functional and usable for gaming and personal use. The Streak65 has arrow keys, which seems like an obvious requrement, but is sometimes left out, along with media keys.

With sleek and unintrusive keycaps, softly glowing LED backlighting, and easily replacable USB-C to A cable make sure that the Streak65 is a great keyboard, and at this current price is quite the steal, especially for anyone in the market for a slightly smaller keyboard than the norm.

Black Friday is upon us, and you can already find plenty more offers in our main Black Friday deals hub. We’re also keeping track of the best Black Friday mouse and keyboard deals, the best Black Friday SSD deals, the best Black Friday gaming monitor deals and many more, so stay tuned for fresh savings as they appear.

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